Industrial Equipment

Industrial machinery companies operate in a challenging environment that makes them struggle daily to innovate and optimize their product. Machinery of all segments faces constantly growing global competition. Customer requirements for product quality and delivery terms are continuously increasing since they also have to be number one in their markets. Manufacturing enterprises tend to join in bigger holdings, which leads to facilities reconfiguration, establishing common standards in different areas and creates a need for fast and secure data exchange and reuse between distributed sites.  

Moreover, most of the industry enterprises already have a complex IT-structure with several software tools. The results of these tools operation might be hard to collect, analyze and visualize. For plenty of companies, integration of processes related to the product design and analysis is on the top of the agenda. To win in the competitive race, manufacturers of all machinery industry segments have to reduce design cycle of more complex products, while keeping the product quality high and prices on the same level.

This is a challenge, and pSeven solution for multidisciplinary design optimization, data analysis and process integration is developed to help you to manage it. We guarantee that the number of your expensive physical tests and computational experiments will decrease while product quality increase, data reuse and secure exchange between your team members and third-party will get smooth and you`ll see your design time reduced.

Cost Saving by Reducing Mass of the Diesel Generator Frame

One of diesel generator optimization stages is the minimization of its frame`s mass. Surrogate-Based Optimization allowed obtaining frame mass reduction by 12% from the initial configuration with no loss of durability.

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diesel frame

Damper Design Optimization to Guarantee the Highest Load Performance

Discover how the designers of shock-absorbing devices manage to quickly customize the optimal configuration and select between obtained configurations depending on the needs of their customers.

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Multiobjective Optimization of the C-type Press to Decrease Production Costs

Costly materials make you look for the optimal product mass? Learn from this real-life case how using global optimization method solved the multidisciplinary problem of finding optimal design configuration of the C-type press.

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c-type press