About us

DATADVANCE develops and offers its customers software and consulting services for predictive modelling, intellectual data analysis and multidisciplinary optimization. Our mission is to deliver the efficient and flexible software tool - pSeven - to help customers to:

  • Decrease design time due to integration of their engineering software tools

  • Ensure process quality using validated workflows

  • Enhance product performance with multi-objective optimization

  • Protect their intellectual property through surrogate modeling

DATADVANCE originates from Airbus Group and Institute of Information Transmission Problems (IITP RAS). In the early 2000’s, DATADVANCE’s founders successfully performed several simulation and optimization projects using pSeven Core for Airbus divisions to reduce design lead time and cost of complex engineering projects, to increase product quality, preserve engineering data and enhance its reuse. Airbus specialists estimate the potential reduction of lead time and costs by 10% in several areas of the aircraft design process just as a result of using pSeven Core developed by DATADVANCE.

Today pSeven Core is embedded in pSeven that is used for process integration and design optimization. It provides a smooth integration with software tools and ease of use guaranteed by the intelligent algorithms of pSeven Core. This enables engineers to use optimization and data analysis methods, formerly available for mathematical experts only. Worldwide leaders in aerospace, defense and other industries have already implemented pSeven and pSeven Core in the design processes to boost their engineering capabilities. pSeven can be applied in a wide range of industries.

DATADVANCE continues to develop mathematical algorithms and methodologies inside pSeven to deliver its customers the most high-performing functionalities. The development is carried out in a close partnership with the leading scientific centers all over the world. Company has an operational office in Toulouse, France (DATADVANCE SAS) and a strong R&D team in Moscow, Russia (DATADVANCE LLC). Trainings and engineering services are provided by all of the offices for your convenience. Contact us.