pSeven is a design space exploration* platform that provides advanced data analysis and multidisciplinary optimization mathematical methods packaged in an easy-to-use graphical software environment.

pSeven is an intelligent solution which allows even non-math experts with little data analysis and design optimization experience solve challenging engineering problems and discover optimal designs just in a few clicks!

pSeven provides:

  • Advanced math easy to use with SmartSelection
  • Efficient & comprehensive Workflow engine 
  • Company knowledge captured and deployed with Run-Ready Workflows

pSeven enables your engineering teams to:

  • Improve your product performance, quality, reliability, safety
  • Reduce significantly design lead time and cost thanks to state-of-the-art data analysis and optimization algorithms
  • Formalize and preserve your knowledge and experience, practices and design techniques through automation
  • Solve predictive modeling and optimization problems directly in design office without involvement of high-end experts
  • Improve collaboration between departments and engineers – one more step towards multidisciplinary design optimization

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*According to B. Jenkins, design space exploration (DSE) is both a class of quantitative methods and a category of software tools for systematically and automatically exploring very large numbers of design alternatives and identifying those with optimal performance parameters.


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