DATADVANCE specialists carry out trainings for the companies in Europe and Russia, which want to master design optimization and building approximation models, get familiar with the advanced data analysis and predictive modeling software to solve everyday design challenges quicker.

Training Contents

DATADVANCE invites you to master advanced surrogate modeling and optimization techniques in pSeven and pSeven Core during the three-day training session. You will discover how to set up a multi-objective optimization process in both pSeven and pSeven Core, how to build fast and robust predictive models for data analysis or surrogate-based optimization.

During the training course, you will master the skills of:

You will be shown a live demonstration of these capabilities application in pSeven and pSeven Core and participate in problem-solving discussions.

Trainings are delivered either in English, French or Russian.

Training Location

Standard trainings are available in France and Russia. On-site and custom trainings are available on-demand.

Contact Information

location_on  31100, Toulouse, Avenue du Général de Croutte 42

phone  +33 (0) 5 82-95-59-68


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