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The aerospace industry is still one of the most innovative and fast developing industry even after more than a hundred years since the first flight. And it’s very likely that innovation and bold endeavors will continue to be the hallmarks of it in the next years. At the same time the design challenges, which the industry faces, became more difficult and complex, involving more disciplines and requiring more sophisticated analysis and optimization tools.

DATADVANCE, with its Airbus roots, has already helped many aerospace engineers to develop innovative designs, thanks to its powerful, data analysis and multidisciplinary optimization pSeven software platform that works with commercial and in-house simulation tools to automatically build high-quality approximation models, discover the key driving design parameters and find optimum designs.

Whatever development takes place — in commercial aerospace, defense or space — pSeven will help companies to improve their designs faster and more efficiently!

Structural optimization

Accurate Prediction of Static and Dynamic Loads for Helicopters

Using predictive models to estimate loads for helicopter components allowed for a drastic reducing of customer expenditures.

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Structural optimization

Surrogate Modeling to Speed Up Structural Optimization

Aerospace industry faces the challenge of a time-consuming structure optimization due to noisiness and discontinuity of mechanical strength criteria. Learn how this time was reduced from several days to a few hours using Surrogate-Based Optimization.

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Engine compartment

Behavioral Model for Helicopter Engine Compartment

To reduce the overall simulation time, helicopter engine’s physical model successfully replaced with a fast but accurate behavioral model using Tensor product of approximations technique.

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Airfoil optimization

Multi-Point Airfoil Shape Optimization

The goal to find the airfoil geometry that would provide minimum drag coefficient, satisfying two geometrical and two aerodynamic constraints, is achieved in only 390 evaluations using Surrogate-Based Optimization method.

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