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The main task in the automotive industry is to organize a nonstop development of safer, better performing and more appealing vehicles within strict timelines and limited budgets. More and more important in this regard becomes the implementation of automated simulation workflows into development processes that take into account different multidisciplinary effects and overall behaviour of the system, like aerodynamics, combustion, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), durability and other attributes.

pSeven, a software platform for Design Space Exploration, can be crucial in organizing such workflows and can help identifying the ultimate vehicle body geometry and equipment characteristics, including optimization of:

  • External aerodynamics to reduce drag
  • Vehicle body elements and exhaust systems to reduce weight and minimize NVH
  • Radiator and heat exchangers geometry to reduce size and maximize heat transfer
  • Impellers in the turbocharger to maximize efficiency
  • Catalytic converter geometry to reduce emissions
  • Breaks geometry and materials to reduce squeal
  • Electric motor efficiency in different operating conditions
  • HVAC systems to enhance temperature and moisture comfort
  • Cams geometry to enhance shape of lift, velocity, acceleration, jerk curves and dozens of other characteristics in valve train
  • Valve and intake/exhaust channels geometry to enhance in-cylinder flows
  • Piston head geometry to enhance combustion
  • Car seat structures to reduce weight and improve reliability

pSeven will allow to automate your design process, perform fewer simulation runs, speed-up trade-off studies and make multidisciplinary optimization possible!

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