Model, Explore, Optimize and Analyze with a true cloud collaborative AI-powered platform!

  • Use all pSeven features ― engineering process automation, design optimization and predictive analytics ― right in your browser.
  • Scale even resource-intensive massive trade-off studies.
  • Collaborate easily with your teammates within your organization and with your suppliers or partners.
  • Deploy on premises or in the private cloud.
  • Create and share workflow-powered web applications through AppsHub with any engineer within your company.
  • Extend and integrate with simple and clean APIs.

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One Platform, Seven Key Features

pSeven Enterprise positioning

  • Powerful workflow engine for engineering process automation.
  • The most complete toolkit for design exploration with unique algorithms powered by SmartSelection technology.
  • Advanced predictive analytics technology available for every engineer thanks to SmartSelection technology. 
  • Easy access from both company network and outside thanks to a true cloud nature of the product. Improved collaboration within and between the teams, including private and shared workspaces, and simultaneous co-authoring and execution of workflows and analysis of results.
  • Reduced product development cycle ― as a true cloud solution, pSeven Enterprise scales with your needs. It allows running even resource-intensive massive trade-off studies in parallel. 
  • Making design space exploration and predictive analytics methods available for any engineer within the company. Methods and tools experts can build workflows and publish them as web Apps, with custom and simple user interface, to be used by domain experts. This technology democratization is enabled with AppsHub ― a corporate library of workflow-powered web applications available in pSeven Enterprise, where the users can pick the tool they need.
  • Powerful open APIs ― Python, REST, GraphQL ― easily extend existing functionalities and enable a seamless integration of pSeven Enterprise into any IT ecosystem.

Access & Scalability

pSeven Enterprise runs in a predefined and well-controlled IT environment on either private or public cloud, and can be accessed from any browser or device. As a server-side web application, it allows running many resource-consuming studies simultaneously with a built-in resource manager, and running workflows offline without interruption. You can monitor, manage running process and analyze results anytime from anywhere.



pSeven Enterprise is a multiuser system with simultaneous multi-access, co-authoring and version control of the workflow in the cloud or on premises. Shared workspaces are designed for a department or a team to share and edit workflows, results and files depending on the user roles, just as like using Google Drive.


Publishing to AppsHub

AppsHub is a corporate collection of workflow-powered web applications with access and version control, where M&T experts can publish run-ready workflows, workflow-powered web services and web apps for the domain engineers, suppliers or teams to deploy. AppsHub automates engineering tasks and democratizes design exploration and predictive modelling technology of pSeven.



pSeven Enterprise features three API levels to ensure easy integration with external ecosystems and extended functionality with embedding user algorithms:

  • REST API to create workflow-powered Web Applications
  • GraphQL API to automate workflows editing and any other operations in pSeven Enterprise
  • Python API to embed in-house algorithms, user scripts and plugins.
Design Exploration

Design Exploration

pSeven allows efficiently exploring model behavior with a wide range of techniques for Design of Experiments (DoE) and solving single- and multi-objective Design Optimization problems with both fast to evaluate analytical models and computationally expensive simulations. With pSeven you can also assess the influence of uncertain parameters of a product on its' characteristics with Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) capabilities.

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Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling

By creating a predictive model from existing test, experimental and/or simulation data pSeven allows to predict response values for new designs, accelerate complex simulations by many orders of magnitude and capture essential knowledge from vast amounts of data. Such models are also often called approximation models, response surface models (RSM), surrogate models, metamodels etc.

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Automation & Integration

pSeven Enterprise allows to capture even the most complex design processes by integrating tools for Design Exploration and CAD/CAE software you are using into a single workflow, define its logic and collect, analyze and reuse engineering data.

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SmartSelection is an approach in pSeven that automatically chooses the most efficient Design Exploration or Predictive Modeling technique for a given type of problem and data, hides techniques' internal complexity and opens expert level mathematics even for non-math experts.

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