Multidisciplinary Optimization of UAV Structural Parameters and Flight Dynamics

Skoltech student team used pSeven to integrate different tools for system level and structural simulation into a single workflow and to optimize tube-launched UAV characteristics.

By Mikhail Gusev, Research Scientist, Skoltech

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Creating Internal Combustion Approximation Model for Mitsubishi Motors

DATADVANCE constructed an approximation model for Mitsubishi Motors to predict internal combustion pressure model parameters.

By Dmitry Frolov, Marketing Director, DATADVANCE

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Accurate Prediction of Static and Dynamic Loads for Helicopters

Using predictive models to estimate loads for helicopter components allowed for a drastic reducing of customer expenditures.

By Alan Struzik (Airbus Helicopters), Evgeny Burnaev, Pavel Prikhodko (DATADVANCE)

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Optimization of the Marine Propeller Shape in a Uniform Flow

Learn how Krylov State Research Centre automated the optimization process of the marine propeller and increased its efficiency by 1.5% with pSeven.

By Liubov Lavrishcheva, Engineer, Krylov State Research Centre

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Industrial Fan Optimization & Measurements Analysis

Bronswerk Heat Transfer company spent less engineering hours to find the energy-saving configuration with Whizz-Wheel® and automated its performance measurements analysis using pSeven.

By Frank van Sikkelerus, R&D Engineer, Bronswerk Heat Transfer

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pSeven Beats MOPTA08 Automotive Benchmark

pSeven performs on MOPTA08 multidisciplinary design optimization benchmark introduced by Don Jones from General Motors.

By Dmitry Frolov, Marketing Director, DATADVANCE

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Mixing Quality Optimization of Static Helix Mixer

The objective of the project was to determine an optimal geometry of static helix mixer for Sulzer Mixpac, to obtain the best possible mixing performance with minimal pressure drop.

By Anton Saratov, Application Engineer, DATADVANCE

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