pSeven Beats MOPTA08 Automotive Benchmark

pSeven performs on MOPTA08 multidisciplinary design optimization benchmark introduced by Don Jones from General Motors.

By Dmitry Frolov, Marketing Director, DATADVANCE

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Mixing Quality Optimization of Static Helix Mixer

The objective of the project was to determine an optimal geometry of static helix mixer for Sulzer Mixpac, to obtain the best possible mixing performance with minimal pressure drop.

By Anton Saratov, Application Engineer, DATADVANCE

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Optimization of Passive Cooling System

Thercon-LHP optimized a passive cooling system for a gaming computer with 400 watts of heat output using pSeven.

By Tatyana Linder, Design Engineer, Thercon-LHP

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Optimization of Pultrusion of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Profile

Skoltech and DATADVANCE increased the pulling speed of pultrusion process by 18% using Abaqus and pSeven.

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Damper Design Optimization to Guarantee the Highest Load Performance

Discover how the designers of shock-absorbing devices manage to quickly customize the optimal configuration and select between obtained configurations depending on the needs of their customers.

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Cost Saving by Reducing Mass of the Diesel Generator Frame

One of diesel generator optimization stages is the minimization of its frame`s mass. Surrogate-Based Optimization allowed obtaining frame mass reduction by 12% from the initial configuration with no loss of durability.

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Multi-Objective Optimization of the C-type Press to Decrease Production Costs

Costly materials make you look for the optimal product mass? Learn from this real-life case how using global optimization method solved the multidisciplinary problem of finding optimal design configuration of the C-type press.

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