March 12, 2018

pSeven 6.12 Service Pack 2 Release

DATADVANCE development team announces the release of pSeven 6.12 Service Pack 2 hotfix. This Service Pack delivers significant performance enhancement and resolves some issues that required our immediate attention to improve the overall stability and functionality of the product.

Most of the deployed updates were made addressing the suggestions from our customers. In particular, we reworked internal UI functions to make the interface more responsive to user actions. Opening and closing block configuration dialogues, switching tabs in block configuration and other common editing actions became much faster. Besides, such acceleration helps prevent unexpected slowdowns when adding many ports to a block, working with "heavy" blocks and documents, opening, validating or running workflows containing "heavy" blocks, building large model trees, creating many links at once and etc.

This release resolves a number of issues and bugs. We fixed Unicode support in system and parameter names, file paths and other settings of the ANSYSWorkbench block and also discovered and resolved a compatibility bug with FloEFD for Creo 16.2.

We addressed a bug in the Approximation model block resulting in the inability to view some of the RSM model details in the model tree and resolved some minor configuration problems. We also added a check to the Program block that allows it to discover and correctly report the case when SSH connection to a remote host fails due to a shell initialization script which produces screen output (this is known ( to "confuse" the SSH/SCP client). For a complete list of fixed bugs, known issues and minor usability improvements see the changelog.

If you are currently running pSeven 6.12 Service Pack 1, we urge you to apply this update immediately to make the user experience faster and more productive. For other versions of the 6.x series, applying the update is recommended as soon as possible.

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