November 16, 2016

DATADVANCE at the FloEFD Simulation conference in Frankfurt

DATADVANCE participated in The FloEFD Simulation Conference 2016 by Mentor Graphics, that took place on November 7-8 in Frankfurt. The conference was a unique platform where FLoEFD users had a chance to meet with each other, exchange information, talk directly to the FloEFD development team and get first-hand information. Along with Mentor Graphics specialists, the floor was given to such companies as Renault, Delvis, NPO Saturn and others.

DATADVANCE presented a paper “IGBT Cold Plate Co-Simulation and Multi-Parametric Optimization in pSeven and FloEFD”. The goal of the study was to find an efficient heat exchanger design of the insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) with respect to maximum temperature, flow drag force and temperature variation. A coupled thermal-flow simulation model was created in FloEFD software and pSeven software was used for creating optimization workflow. pSeven integration block controls FloEFD directly, including geometry parameters in CAD model.  A two-objective optimization problem with computationally heavy responses was considered. pSeven automatically selected a surrogate-based optimization algorithm, that works with a specified number of simulations. In this study, the total budget was set to 120 points. As a result, a Pareto frontier of optimal configurations was obtained. Frontier shape and feasible points distribution allow choosing a single optimal configuration.

This case demonstrates the seamless integration between pSeven and FloEFD that allows users to perform complex parametric and trade-off studies, and to solve multidisciplinary design optimization and uncertainty quantification problems using state-of-the-art data analysis and optimization algorithms.

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