April 3, 2016

DATADVANCE will take part in the NAFEMS Germany conference

On April 25-27 DATADVANCE will take part in the NAFEMS Germany conference in Bamberg. DATADVANCE specialists will make 2 presentations at the SPDM and Optimization sections. At the SPDM section the presentation will be devoted to the first full-cloud design space exploration platform pSeven Cloud developed by DATADVANCE (download abstract>>). At the Optimization section a Use case on optimization of helix mixer geometry will be presented (download abstract>>).    

During the exhibition a solution of a real-life industrial problem using pSeven Cloud together with a cloud CAD will be demonstrated at the DATADVANCE booth. 

pSeven Cloud is based on the industry proven efficient data analysis and optimization algorithms supplemented with SmartSelectionTM metaheuristics allowing to select the most efficient algorithm for a given problem. pSeven Cloud is an essential component of emerging ecosystem of CAD and CAE cloud platforms, e.g. OnShape, SimScale and Sim4Design

DATADVANCE is a Silver sponsor of for the forthcoming NAFEMS Germany conferenceThe 3rd German NAFEMS Regional Conference provides a unique, independent, neutral, overarching and comprehensive information in the field of numerical simulation methods.