June 22, 2016

Borlas and DATADVANCE unite pSeven and Teamcenter to process engineering data

The Borlas consulting group and DATADVANCE – the leading developer of predictive modeling, intelligent data analysis and multidisciplinary optimization software in Russia, present the solution integrating pSeven, the software package for engineering analysis and optimization by DATADVANCE, and Teamcenter®, the product lifecycle management system developed by Siemens PLM Software. This joint solution allows to automate design procedures, analyze engineering data, and perform design optimization in the integrated pSeven and Teamcenter environment, including the capability to work with Teamcenter’s design parameters and methods.

The new solution lowers the time and resource requirements in product data analysis and design optimization and also reduces the probability of errors that occur due to data loss during the development of new engineering workflows. Accessing design data does not require additional software, allowing customers to save on hardware and software resources.

The primary goal of integrating pSeven with Teamcenter is to enable solving design optimization problems in pSeven while using Teamcenter's capabilities to manage and store product lifecycle data. In particular, the access to optimization data is implemented through the Teamcenter Simulation Process Management (SPM) module.

Integrated data management in pSeven and Teamcenter enables viewing optimization results on any of the company's computers connected to Teamcenter. Results review and preliminary analysis do not require any additional software installations, including pSeven itself. Structured data storage provides users with a quick access to different points of view.

“The developed solution, on the one hand, extends capabilities of our design optimization system with product data management functions, and on the other hand, adds data mining functionality to the PLM system. Thus designers and application engineers receive an opportunity to take effective design decisions faster while project managers will be able to track these decisions”, said Sergey Morozov, DATADVANCE CEO.

Core features of the pSeven and Teamcenter integration are:

  • Version control for both the design data and workflows with user permissions support.
  • The support for creating new optimization workflows based on existing ones and linked to them.
  • Central structured storage for optimization data, including the data of every solving iteration and the data for a simplified presentation of intermediate results.
  • Real-time view of optimization data without the need to run design software.
  • Data loss prevention (backup) thanks to the central data storage architecture.
  • Uniform storage format allowing unified processing of input data and results.

Borlas (www.borlas.ru) is a leading consulting group in Russia and CIS with more than 25 years’ experience in development of information systems, modern and effective management technologies. Borlas Consulting Group provides a broad spectrum of IT services including management consulting (business, financial and HR consulting), creation of corporate management systems (ERP, EPM, etc.), implementation of comprehensive solutions for IT support for product lifecycle management (PLM), engineering and computing infrastructure construction, implementation of billing systems in Utilities sector, development of integrated security systems, maintenance services and technical support for proprietary systems.

DATADVANCE (www.datadvance.net) is the leading developer of predictive modeling, intelligent data analysis and multidisciplinary optimization software in Russia. The flagship product of the company, pSeven, is a powerful design space exploration platform for automation of engineering simulation and analysis, multidisciplinary optimization and data mining. Additionally DATADVANCE provides engineering and consulting services to solve the most challenging engineering tasks.


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