December 5, 2013

APM Research and Development Centre and DATADVANCE signed the strategic partnership argeement

The cooperation implies the integration of DATADVANCE software package PSE/MACROS with software of RSDC APM, such as the general purpose strength analysis system APM FEM for KOMPAS-3D and APM Structure3D kernel for FE analysis.

"The advantages of this integration for the customer are obvious, —  said DATADVANCE’ CTO Sergey Morozov. We already built the list of industry companies whose challenges require such an integrated tool, and we plan to start solving these challenges in the frame of the pilot or commercial projects as soon as the integration is complete".

RSDC APM General Director Vladimir Shelofast noted: "For any CAE system, optimal design configuration searching functionality is an important element. To provide this functionality, the specialized software is developed. Its based on searching for the extremum of function of different variables. Having this software would allow the design bureaus of the companies to select the best configuration out of multiple options available. This contributes to the competitiveness of the produced items compared to the plenty of analogs on the market.

Considering the relevance and importance of optimization tasks in industry, RSDC APM and DATADVANCE agreed upon a complex of works on creating of integrated solutions, where the CAE functionality would be combined with the methods of the optimal configurations research. It is expected that the integrated software will be in a great demand, and the Russian  manufacturers will have the domestic software for the solution of strategically important tasks. Besides, purchasing an integrated solution will allow the enterprises to significantly decrease the cost of design process automation".


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