December 24, 2012

DATADVANCE Signs Partnership Agreement with FIDESYS

Moscow, December 7, 2012 – DATADVANCE, a leading provider of engineering automation, predictive modeling and multidisciplinary optimization software and services, and FIDESYS, a Russian leader in strength analysis and fracture mechanics, have signed a partnership agreement. This agreement will allow the partners to integrate the technologies and products in order to offer the complete solution uniting CAE Fidesys for strength analysis and MACROS for multi-parametric optimization to its customers. It will also stimulate both DATADVANCE and FIDESYS to work together towards the development of software solutions in the high-tech industry. Noteworthy, both companies are the Skolkovo Innovation Centre residents and this agreement is very important for the Russian high-tech synergy development.

Sergey Morozov, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer at DATADVANCE, said, "We are very well aware of CAE FIDESYS package and so we are extremely excited about our partnership with FIDESYS in Russia and we plan to expand it globally all over the world – mostly in Europe and Japan. Our short term goal is to move from the pilot tests of the software integration to the full scale implementation phase at our industrial customers’ sites. Great potential of these two software products integration   was recently demonstrated at the Russian Supercomputing Conference 2012."

"MACROS software application fits CAE FIDESYS software perfectly. No doubt MACROS is the right way for different CAE/CAD packages to be integrated and automated. We are planning to participate in coming events and activities in our industry to demonstrate our combined solution. It’s important to mention that CAE in the Cloud novelty (developed in collaboration with T‑Services company) has already attracted several big industrial enterprises due to the service simplicity. We‘ll be advancing and developing this solution further”, commented Anatoly Vershinin, CTO at FIDESYS.


DATADVANCE is a software development company specialized in predictive modeling, intellectual data analysis, multi-disciplinary optimization and engineering automation.

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FIDESYS is a software development company specialized in strength analysis and fracture mechanics applications and in the development of numerical and analytical computational methods.

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