April 22, 2020

Recordings of the Webinars Series


Webinar "Introduction to Design Exploration and Predictive Modelling capabilities of pSeven"

The recording of the webinar held on April 8, 2020.

Learn the basics about an intuitive and easy to use set of functionalities available in pSeven, software platform for design space exploration and predictive modeling by Datadvance.

Questions answered during the webinar:
  • How to automate complex product development processes and eliminate repetitive tasks.
  • How to optimize product design just in a few clicks.
  • What is SmartSelection and how it allows any user with no specific competence to build predictive (surrogate) models or to optimize his designs in the shortest term. We prepared a demo to show you how SmartSelection automatically chooses the most efficient design exploration or predictive modeling technique for a given type of problem and data.
  • How to visualize the results of various optimization and simulation processes and analyze them with minimum effort


Design Exploration

Webinar "Design of Experiments and Optimization in pSeven"

The recording of a second webinar of the series, held on April 15, 2020.

This webinar describes:
  • the use of Design Space Exploration (DSX) block and a range of techniques available in pSeven to perform Design of Experiments studies. The generation of data sample using Design Exploration in pSeven will be displayed in a demo case.
  • the use the Design Space Exploration (DSX) block to perform Optimization studies in pSeven. 
  • setting up hints about the problem for SmartSelection technique to choose the most suiltable Design Exploration technique automatically.


Predictive Modeling

Webinar "Predictive Modelling Capabilities in pSeven"

The recording of a webinar held on April 22, 2020

The third webinar of a series is covering the functionalities of pSeven to build, validate and export predictive models. Webinar describes how to:

  • Build and manage predictive models using a set of tools available in pSeven, that can work with both data gathered from automated simulation workflows in pSeven and datasets imported from CSV or Excel files.
  • Create a predictive model step by step using Model builder tool in pSeven Analyze.
  • Check the accuracy of predictive model and to compare several models.



Webinar "pSeven Enterprise – AI-powered Cloud Solution to Collaboratively Design the Best Products Faster"

The recording of a webinar held on May 27, 2020

Webinar introducing pSeven Enterprise ― a true cloud solution that democratizes design optimization and predictive analytics technologies to enable engineers collaboratively design the best products faster.

pSeven Enterprise comprises and extends the functionalities of pSeven ― software platform for engineering process automation, design optimization and predictive analytics. Webinar attendees will discover the benefits of using pSeven Enterprise: easy access and scalability, improved collaboration, functionality extension with open APIs, technology democratization with publishing workflow-powered web applications to AppsHub gallery and more!

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Webinar "Design and Shape Optimization of a Wind Turbine Blade"

The recording of a webinar held on June 3, 2020

Shape optimization in the context of CFD analysis of different products is one of the most important tasks in industry and relates to different application areas as aviation and space, automotive, shipbuilding and wind power.

This webinar is a demonstration of a real engineering example of optimization in the field of wind power industry. Liubov Lavrishcheva, Head of Flypoint Parametrica and Project Manager at Krylov State Research Centre, presents the design and 3D shape optimization of a wind turbine blade with a rated power of 3,45 MW.



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