September 16, 2012

9th International Conference "Intellectualization of Information Processing"

Save the date. We are going to participate at the 9th International Conference "Intellectualization of Information Processing" (IIP-9) which will take place in Budva, Montenegro, from the 16th till the 22nd of September, 2012. You will have a chance to listen to members of Intelligent Data Analysis Team at DATADVANCE speaking about various aspects of surrogate modeling and optimization, namely,

  • E.V. Burnaev - "Dimension Reduction in Predictive Modeling",
  • P.D. Erofeev - "Manifold Reconstruction in Dimension Reduction Problem",
  • D.S. Kononenko - "Surrogate Optimization based on Gaussian Processes",
  • A.A. Zaytsev - "Regression based on Sparse Gaussian Processes for Variable Fidelity Data Analysis",
  • M.G. Belyaev - "Approximation of Noisy Data having Cartesian Product Structure",
  • P.V. Prikhodko - "Effective Dimension Reduction based on Gaussian Processes",
  • M.E. Panov - "Adaptive Design of Regression Experiments based on Gaussian Processes".

The conference is organized by Computing Center of Russian Academy of Sciences and Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University. Main conference topics are

  • Data Mining;
  • Business-intelligence;
  • Intellectualization of decision support;
  • Mathematical theory and methods of machine learning;
  • Mathematical models and methods of forecasting;
  • Discrete optimization, algorithmic complexity and approximate methods;
  • Deductive systems, expert systems and knowledge bases;
  • Theory, methods and applied problems of signal processing, analysis and recognition;
  • Theory, methods and applied problems of image processing, analysis, recognition and comprehension;
  • Web-mining;
  • Text mining, information retrieval.

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