The applications regard mainly the Computational fluid dynamics (CFD for short) and finite element analysis (FEA) processes involved in the turbomachinery industry design needs. pSeven have been successfully tied to most of the best world-wide CFD tools so as to force to the optimal design solution in turbomachinery problems.

In practice we help engineers to solve objectives about open (such as propellers, windmills, and enshrouded fans) and closed turbomachines. We can work with different kind of engines:

  • wind turbines
  • water turbines
  • steam turbines and jet engines.

Accordingly all types of machine we can divide turbomachinery into

  • open turbomachinery
  • hydraulic fluid machinery
  • thermal turbomachinery.

And pSeven works great in all these areas!

The development of industrial equipment and rotating machinery requires the high-fidelity analysis capability for which pSeven Core is known. Actually, rotating machinery (or turbomachinery) designers struggle to achieve incremental improvements to already efficient and high-performing machines, and to develop products faster and at lower cost than before. Besides offering common analysis capabilities, pSeven provides a complete set of industry-specific, high-productivity tools to enable designers and analysts to meet the demands of nowadays.