The biology sector is undergoing a substantial and challenging change; whole genome sequencing has opened up the field of genome-scale biology and has established a trend towards larger-scale experiments. Small-scale biology has also benefited from a wealth of new data, and easy access to this data often eliminates months of traditional lab time. Whether operating on a large or small scale, the use of mathematical and computational methods is becoming an integral part of biological research.

pSeven is a software platform for numerical modelling and optimization. The platform uses a kit of innovative and advanced/unique algorithms to quickly and efficiently identify the best solution when the experiment has many factors and several conflicting goals.

When a model of the system under investigation is not available, pSeven Core can generate a mathematical model based on empirical data, so new options can be explored.

pSeven brings well-established engineering optimization and modelling technologies to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, making the process predictable and repeatable. Its applications cover a wide variety of topics, including drug design, biomedical, quality by design and systems biology.