Citation rules

When writing a technical paper, article, thesis, poster or presentation, you may need to reference DATADVANCE or its products. Please follow the rules below to avoid any violation.

Product names, trademarks and copyright

  • Always specify the software name (pSeven, pSeven Core or both) which has been used for the readers identify the product(s) and capabilities needed to better understand your text.
  • When indicating the product, please state the release version as well. Refer to your product license form for the correct product name.
  • Product documentation references should be accompanied by the relevant product name, release version, document chapter and page. Note that manuals, tutorials and other documentation accompanying the software are protected by copyright law and subject to nondisclosure provisions in your software license agreement. DATADVANCE written permission is required to use documentation materials, images and logos. If you paraphrase or summarize documentation text in your own words, then you must cite the source of this information.
  • Technical support responses and other private communication from DATADVANCE should not be cited. Quotes must be approved by theĀ DATADVANCE (the appropriate attribution will be communicated to you in case of approval).
  • Authors and any other third parties who refer to pSeven must use trademark ā„¢ with the first usage. It is not necessary to use it in the further references.