Academic Program

DATADVANCE Academic Program is an initiative to support the academic process worldwide with the newest software tools and expert knowledge in the domain of data analysis, design optimization and engineering automation. The Academic Program comprises two directions stated below:

Academic licensing

Provide students, teachers and researchers worldwide with the academic licenses for pSeven and pSeven Core software for educational and research purposes and support to foster the specialists skilled in multidisciplinary design optimization and predictive modeling:

  • Fully functional licenses of pSeven and pSeven Core are available at a special price for educational purposes. Request an academic license and contact your local sales representative.
  • Academic users have the access to the same product documentation, tutorials and support that are available for commercial users.
  • Training courses for students can be organized upon request.

Joint research activities

Partner with academic institutions and research centers to jointly execute the commercial projects and perform research:

  • DATADVANCE offers academic partners the opportunity to execute the research and commercial projects using pSeven.
  • Students and teachers reinforce their successful projects portfolio and get a broad exposure to industry. Software licenses are offered at a special rate, affordable for academic institutions. Expert support of DATADVANCE can be provided upon request.
  • To enhance visibility of academic research activities to the scientific community, DATADVANCE publishes the selected papers at the web-site and in the scientific magazines with consent of the author. See some selected publications, including academic ones, and read the Citation Rules if you plan to create a publication. Contact us for more details.

The current members of DATADVANCE Academic Program include The Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Peter The Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University and other institutions in Russia, Europe and Asia.

Download academic program datasheet (.pdf)