DATADVANCE provides your team with the latest CAE design, analysis and optimization technology and expertise required to solve the most challenging engineering tasks, while significantly reducing your product development time and cost, enhance your product performance, quality, reliability and safety.  Our services range from supporting and consulting you to fully engaging into your task solution at the earliest stage, defining its’ physical and mathematical formulation, using your own or DATADVANCE partners’ CAD/CAE software tools and getting you the results.  We render services at the following domains, from simulation and analysis up to the development of customized applications:

Our services

Our services Design Optimization — Multidisciplinary and multi-objective optimization algorithms implemented in pSeven are used to explore design space and find optimal designs of linear and nonlinear systems and manufacturing processes, improving overall product quality, efficiency and reliability, production cost, safety and other. 

Process Automation — Automation of complex multidisciplinary engineering analysis processes which require usage of CAE tools from different software vendors, including automation of meshing procedure, solver execution and distributed computing. See the list of the software currently integrated with pSeven.

Simulation and Analysis — Advanced fluid dynamics and structural analysis of linear and nonlinear systems and manufacturing processes. High-fidelity models are used to provide insight into the mechanical, thermal, fluid and acoustic behavior of your products and processes. Surrogate models constructed with pSeven are used to reduce simulation analysis time and to construct models directly from experimental data. We partner with a number of companies and academic institutions to ensure the highest quality of services in this domain.

Application Customization —  pSeven can be customized to your special applications and design processes, from the concept stage to the final deployment.


Relying on our extensive experience in solving challenging industrial problems, your team will be able to

  • develop more efficient designs,
  • achieve significant productivity gains,
  • eliminate overhead,
  • learn best practices and train your team through access to external engineering and mathematical expertise,
  • accelerate the innovation in your company.

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Engineering consulting services are available either at your company site or at DATADVANCE office. Please contact us to learn more about how our consulting services can help your team.