pSeven Key features

Simulation and Analysis Process Integration and Automation

Seamless integration with third party commercial and in-house CAD/CAE tools.

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Easy visual creation of complex fault-tolerant workflows with branching and looping. Hierarchical workflows to easily capture complex multidisciplinary processes. Full automation of simulation chain, as well as trade-off studies, optimization and data analysis. Workflow as a ready tool Functionality to configure and share workflows with other process participants, who can use these workflows as ready tools, changing inputs and parameters that are made available for them.
CAD CAE integration Complex workflow Hierarchical workflow Automation of simulation chain Automation of simulation chain

Largest Multidisciplinary Design Optimization and Data Analysis Toolset

SmartSelection™ – automatic selection of the most efficient method  for a given problem and data hides complexity of the algorithms from the user and provides  expert level even  for non-math experts.

Optimal data modeling: pSeven embeds state-of-the-art surrogate modeling techniques to automatically build highly accurate scalable surrogate models  of a given data source (e.g., simulation code or experimental data set).

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Rich set of unique single, multiobjective and robust optimization algorithms.

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Robust and Reliability Based Design Optimization using unique adaptive sample average approximation algorithm, which reduces number of function calls by orders of magnitude compared to Monte-Carlo based methods. Support of sophisticated multidisciplinary design optimization strategies (AAO, MDF, IDF, BLISS, CO, ATC, etc.) thanks to powerful workflow engine, enabling nested optimization loops and efficient optimization algorithms.
Automated selection of analysis or optimization method Optimal data modeling Rich set of unique single Robust and Reliability MDO strategies

Uncertainty Quantification and Reliability Analysis

Intuitive interface for OpenTURNS users.

Distribution block provides comprehensive capabilities to specify a probabilistic model related to input parameters of the model under study.

Complete set of Uncertainty Quantification techniques: Simulation, Reliability analysis, Sensitivity analysis.

Blocks generate a report including problem solution and additional information.


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Intuitive interface for OpenTURNS users Distribution block provides Complete set of Uncertainty Quantifications techniques Blocks generate a report including problem solution and additional information

Scalable, Extendable, Open and user-friendly environment

Cross-platform compatibility (Windows and Linux). HPC compatibility to solve complex tasks (Supported batch systems: SLURM, TORQUE, LSF).

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Easy-to-use graphical user interface for non-programmers. Command-line interface for scripting on Python for experts.
Cross-platform compatibility HPC compatibility to solve complex tasks Graphical user interface Command-line interface

Rich post-processing capabilities

Basic 2D-plotting using scatter, line and bar charts and automatic histograms enabling visualization of optimization trends, distribution and density of samples in the design space, including best designs. Advanced 3D charts with clear and simple user-friendly configuration, including data filtering.  Table view and descriptive statistics allowing to dig into your data. High dimensional data visualization using scatter plots and parallel coordinates plots

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Study behavior of multidimensional models. Plot model slices and obtain input importance scores to analyze input-output dependency. Compare many models or different slices of the same model.

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2D-plotting 3D-plotting Table view Drag-and-drop