pSeven platform overview

pSeven is an integration platform allowing you to capture your design process by integrating all the software tools you are using into a single workflow. Advanced data and models analysis, predictive modeling and design optimization algorithms of pSeven Core are incorporated in such workflows to solve your engineering problems.

pSeven represents the integration process in a simple visual form by means of four platform modes, which represent a four-steps usage scenario:

Workspace and Edit Modes


Intuitive workflow preparation and creation tools with a rich blocks (independent workflow functional elements) library, links (data channels connecting blocks and specifying blocks execution order), grouping (assembling composite blocks or sub-workflows) and workflow hierarchy tree. These modes allow easily managing projects, smoothly creating and editing workflows. Re-use of existing workflows is possible with export of workflow as a composite block.

Run Mode

Simply select the parameters of interest among the thousands options and settings and add them into the run configuration. Modify their values right in the Run screen. Configure and share your workflows with colleagues so they can use them as ready tools, changing inputs and parameters that you make available on the Run screen. Workflow inputs, outputs and parameters can be given descriptive names and tooltips helping users to understand the configuration. Get Full control on the project with process tracing capabilities - store all the data in the project database and further visualize it in the analysis screen.

Analyze Mode

Analyze mode contains multiple visualization tools for results post-processing. Use project database, reports, 2D- and 3D-plotting capabilities enabling to visualize optimization trends, distribution and density of samples in the design space, including best designs. Export to CSV format allows you to use any visualization tool you like in case you need customized visualization.