This page explains how to start working with examples included into pSeven installation.


In case you find some information here unfamiliar, see Introduction which explains the general functions.

pSeven examples are complete projects which are ready to run right after installation. Example projects are automatically copied to the default workspace directory when you launch pSeven for the first time (see subdirectory Examples-6.8). pSeven provides an example browser which allows you to quickly select and load an example from a list of projects with their brief descriptions.


After launching pSeven, click the examples button 1 to open the browser window 2. Double-clicking an example in this browser loads the project and shows a detailed description in Workspace.


After loading an example you can switch between the description and the default Workspace view using the tabs 1 on top. The description provides more details on workflows included into the example, instructions to run them, and results overview. Note that descriptions contain links 2 which open workflows and reports, so you can use this page to study the project.

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