Known IssuesΒΆ

This section details the known issues in pSeven along with possible solutions or workarounds (if any).

  • Installing pSeven under Windows in a location that does not include Unicode characters in the path name may result in a failure to start the application. It is also recommended not to use UNC paths, as their support under Windows is restricted. Mapping network drives is a common way to solve the problem.
  • Running two pSeven agents on the same machine is not advisable due to their unstable behavior.
  • Import from Excel functionality in Analyze may work incorrectly due to a Pandas bug.
  • It is known that sometimes pSeven does not start under Linux. There may be some incompatibility in the versions of libraries required by pSeven and being available in the system. For example, the incompatibility may occur with some versions of To resolve the issue try to run p7gui.bin in <pSeven installation directory>/client manually in the console. If that does not help, run p7gui in the console to get an exact error message and contact us at
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  • Optimizer known issues are listed here.