About pSeven CoreΒΆ

pSeven Core is a predictive modeling, data analysis and optimization toolkit developed by DATADVANCE. It provides algorithms for optimization, approximation, dimension reduction, design of experiments, and sensitivity analysis.

pSeven Core includes several components that are called Generic Tools. In pSeven, these components power such blocks as Optimizer, ApproxBuilder and other algorithmic blocks found in the Block Library under the Modeling and Exploration tags.

  • Generic Tool for Optimization (GTOpt): optimization problem solver used by Optimizer and discussed in section GTOpt.
  • Generic Tool for Approximation (GTApprox): the tool to train and evaluate approximation models, used by ApproxBuilder and ApproxPlayer blocks and discussed in section GTApprox.
  • Generic Tool for Data Fusion (GTDF): the tool to train and evaluate approximation models combining two training data sets of different fidelity, used by DFBuilder and DFPlayer and discussed in section GTDF.
  • Generic Tool for Design of Experiments (GTDoE): data sample (DoE) generator used by the DoE block and discussed in section GTDoE.
  • Generic Tool for Dimension Reduction (GTDR): data compression and decompression tool, used by DRBuilder, DRCompressor and DRDecompressor and discussed in section GTDR.