Tag: Integration

This integration type block allows to apply optimization and other data mining techniques to KOMPAS-3D parts and assemblies by integrating them into a workflow as a Kompas3D block instance. Such instance maps document parameters to block input and output ports, so they can be changed in run-time by receiving data from other blocks. On each change of input parameters, the block starts a new KOMPAS-3D process to calculate characteristics which are then sent to block output ports.



This block can run only on a Windows host (since there is no Linux version of KOMPAS-3D), but configuration changes nevertheless may be done when pSeven is running under Linux. The only option unavailable in configuration under Linux is exploring the document parameter space, because it also requires to start KOMPAS-3D. Note that the parameter space may be explored under Windows and saved to block along with the document. pSeven can use previously saved information about the parameter space, it is only unable to recollect such information under Linux.


Despite the block being configurable under Linux, a workflow containing an Kompas3D block will not run on a Linux host.

Known Issues

  • On the very first usage, Kompas3D may fail to explore the selected document: clicking the Explore button results in a COM error “Couldn’t load library”. This issue is specific to KOMPAS API 5 and is easily fixed by entering the following commands in the pSeven console:

    from win32com import client

    The above needs to be done only once after installing pSeven. Further the explore function works normally.