What is pSeven?

pSeven is a Design Space Exploration platform that provides advanced data & model analysis, design optimization and predictive modeling techniques packaged in an easy-to-use graphical user interface. pSeven is an intelligent solution which allows even non-math experts with little design optimization and data analysis experience solve challenging engineering problems and discover optimal designs just in a few clicks!


Design Space Exploration Algorithms Workflow

Complete Toolset

Use a full set of highly-interconnected tools for Design Space Exploration in an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

State-of-the-Art Algorithms

Significantly reduce design lead time and improve your product characteristics with state-of-the-art algorithms for Design Space Exploration.

Powerful Workflow Engine

Formalize your product development processes and improve collaboration between different departments with unmatched process automation capabilities.

Data & Model Analysis

pSeven provides full control over external data and rich post-processing capabilities, as well as a set of advanced tools for model analysis like Design of Experiments, Sensitivity Analysis, Uncertainty Quantification and Dimension Reduction.

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Data & Model Analysis

Parameters dependency analysis

Predictive Modeling

Approximation model created from structural simulation

Predictive Modeling

By creating an approximation model from existing data or simulations pSeven allows to predict response values for new designs, accelerate complex simulations by many orders of magnitude and capture essential knowledge from vast amounts of data.

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Design Optimization

pSeven allows to efficiently solve single- and multi-objective optimization problems both with fast to evaluate analytical models and tasks where the key challenge are computationally expensive simulations.

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Data & Model Analysis

Pareto frontier of robust optimization problem


SmartSelection vs. static algorithms for approximation


SmartSelection is a technique that automatically chooses the most efficient optimization or approximation algorithm for a given type of problem and data, hides algorithm complexity and opens expert level mathematics for Design Space Exploration even for non-math experts.

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Automation & Integration

pSeven is a platform that allows to capture even the most complex design processes by integrating tools for Design Space Exploration and CAD/CAE software you are using into a single workflow, define its logic and collect, manage and reuse engineering data.

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Process automation workflow

Why choose pSeven?

Technical Business

From the technical point of view:

  • Innovative intellectual data and model analysis techniques.
  • Unique, fast and efficient design optimization algorithms for single-, multi-objective and robust optimization problems.
  • Automatic selection of the most efficient algorithm for a given problem and data.
  • Fully scriptable with Python.

From the business point of view:

  • Reduction of cost expensive physical and computational experiments.
  • Reuse of already available in-house engineering data.
  • Improved collaboration between departments and engineers.
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio.

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