Towards an Automated Optimization of Laminated Composite Structures: Hierarchical Zoning Approach with Exact Blending Rules

D.T.Shvarts, F.V.Gubarev e-Print archive

Keywords: Optimization, Surrogate-Based Optimization, Approximation, Gaussian Processes, Composites

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Hausdorff Methods for Approximating the Convex Edgeworth–Pareto Hull in Integer Problems with Monotone Objectives

Pospelov A.I.

Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics

Keywords: Approximation, Optimization, Multi-Objective Optimization

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GTApprox: Surrogate Modeling for Industrial Design

Mikhail Belyaev, Evgeny Burnaev, Ermek Kapushev, Maxim Panov, Pavel Prikhodko, Dmitry Vetrov and Dmitry Yarotsky


Keywords: Optimization, Surrogate-Based Optimization, Approximation, Aerospace, Aerodynamics

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Integrated System to Perform Surrogate-Based Aerodynamic Optimization for High-Lift Airfoil

D. Di Pasquale , F. Zhu , M. Cross , M. Savill , T. Kipouros

EngOpt 2016 – 5rd International Conference on Engineering Optimization

Keywords: Optimization, Surrogate-Based Optimization, Aerospace, Aerodynamics

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The First Full-Cloud Design Space Exploration Platform

Sergey Morozov, Alexander Prokhorov

Paper at the SPDM Europe Conference by NAFEMS

Keywords: Data Analysis, Optimization, SmartSelection

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Automatic Optimization of Helix Mixer Using pSeven and FlowVision

Talk on the Engineering Simulation Show 2015, Derby, UK

Keywords: Optimization, Surrogate-Based Optimization, Industrial Equipment

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Aerodynamic Needle Optimization Using pSeven and FloEFD Software Package

Saratov A.A., Aksenov L.A., Khominich D.S.

13th International Conference “AVIATION AND COSMONAUTICS — 2014”, p. 182-183

Keywords: Optimization, Surrogate-Based Optimization

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