Our team, with about 40 employees, is a synergy of academic expertise and youthful endeavor. It groups prominent mathematicians and scientists with Ph.D. and Doctor degrees in physics and mathematics, young and experienced programmers, engineers and IT scientists.

Management Team

Sergey Morozov

Sergey Morozov, President of DATADVANCE SAS & General Director of DATADVANCE LLC

Sergey Morozov received Ph.D. degree in physics and mathematics with specialization in theoretical physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He was awarded the Telegdi Award and Leonard Euler Award of the Humboldt University (Berlin). In 2007 was the awarded the Russian Federation Government‘s Science and Engineering Award for young scientists. He is an author of more than 30 papers in refereed journals and proceedings and he has consulted with various companies and international organizations.

Laurent Chec

Laurent Chec, Vice-President, Global Sales EMEA & Russia, General Manager of DATADVANCE SAS

Laurent Chec has more than 20 years experience in the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) business. He graduated from Evry-Val-d’Essonne University in 1995 with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and started his career as an application engineer in the simulation software business. He worked with major European aerospace companies as simulation expert consultant before orienting his career towards sales. Over the past 10 years, Laurent has held various sales management positions including key account manager for a worldwide organization. Prior to joining DATADVANCE, he was serving as EMEA Sales Director for a U.S. based company operating in the optimization software market. He joined Datadvance in 2016 to guide its expansion in Europe and Asia by heading DATADVANCE SAS French branch created on the same year.

Alexander Prokhorov

Alexander Prokhorov, Vice-President, Software Development

Alexander Prokhorov has graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2005 with master's degree in applied mathematics and physics. He has more than ten years experience in software development and management of software development processes. He has worked in wide range of domains including the development of highly loaded internet services, development of electronic design automation software and development of engineering tools for tuning embedded software for automotive industry. He has been working for DATADVANCE since company's foundation.

Anton Saratov

Anton Saratov, Vice-President, Application Engineering

Anton Saratov has graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2010 with a Master degree in applied physics. In 2010 - 2013, he worked as a Researcher at the Institute of Nuclear Research of Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 2013, Anton has been working as Application engineer at DATADVANCE to his current position of Vice-President, Application Engineering.

Sales & Marketing Team


Dmitry Buzlaev, Key Account Manager, Russia

Dmitry Buzlaev graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) with a master’s degree in aerospace engineering, and from Moscow Polytechnic University with a postgraduate diploma in metal forming. Dmitry has over 30 years of experience in engineering and CAD/CAE software. Prior to joining DATADVANCE, he worked in AutoForm Engineering BV, headed the Engineering consulting centre of TESIS Ltd, and worked as Altair Project manager in Progresstech, the provider of engineering consulting services in aviation industry.


Paul Maury, Account Manager, France

Paul Maury has almost 20 years of experience in Aerospace engineering. He graduated from Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse in 1996 with a Master’s Degree in Design and Analysis of Aeronautical Structures and started his career as Stress Analysis Engineer before evolving towards project/team management responsibilities within Major European aerospace companies. Paul has developed expertise in CAE Optimization dedicated to “global lead time reduction” of Industrial products development. He joined Datadvance end of 2017 as an Account Manager to reinforce the sales team following the creation of DATADVANCE SAS French branch in 2016. 


Sergey Eskin, Business development director, Russia

Sergey Eskin graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, and has a diploma of the Graduate School of Management of St.Petersburg State University. He has over 10 years of successful experience managing private technology companies, as well as a state scientific institute. Sergey is a co-owner of several IT startups. At DATADVANCE, he is responsible for the business development at the Russian market, in particular, in the aerospace industry, turbomachinery, shipbuilding and other. 


Natalia Chaikovskaya, Marketing Manager

Natalia graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. Prior to joining DATADVANCE, she worked as marketing coordinator at the Moscow office of Siemens PLM Software. Natalia has extensive experience in business events organization, in media relations and digital marketing. 

R&D Team

Dmitry Golubkov

Dmitry Golubkov, Deputy Head of Software Development

Dmitry Golubkov graduated from the Moscow Technological University (MIREA) in 2005 with a degree in "Engineering computer complexes and systems". He has more than ten years of experience in designing IT systems and management of IT departments. Since 2006, he is engaged in software development, including highly loaded web solutions, optimization and automation of business processes, systems integration and end-user solutions. Since 2008 he leads the software development. He joined the company DATADVANCE since its foundation.

Svetlana Chernova

Svetlana Chernova, Head of Software Testing

Svetlana Chernova graduated from Moscow State University (Department of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics). She has received Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics, she is an author of more than 30 papers in refereed journals and proceedings. She has large experience in data analysis, algorithms and software development. She has been working for DATADVANCE since company's foundation.

Dmitry Yarotsky

Dmitry Yarotsky, Scientific Advisor

Dmitry Yarotsky has obtained his Ph.D. in mathematics from Moscow State University in 2002. Since then, he has worked as a researcher at Dobrushin Mathematical Laboratory, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and the University of Munich. He has experience with a wide range of topics in pure and applied mathematics and has publications in leading journals on quantum statistical mechanics, stochastic processes, optimization and approximation theory.


Evgeny Burnaev, Scientific Advisor

Evgeny Burnaev obtained his MSc in Applied Physics and Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2006. After successfully defending his PhD thesis in Foundations of Computer Science at the Institute for Information Transmission Problem RAS (IITP RAS) in 2008, Evgeny stayed with the Institute as a head of IITP Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling Lab. As the Data Analysis Expert at DATADVANCE, Evgeny carried out a number of successful industrial projects. Since 2016 Evgeny is a Scientific Advisor of DATADVANCE, and works as Associate Professor of Skoltech.

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