pSeven 6.12 Release

New Design of Experiments and Approximation Model blocks, 10x speed up for approximation, extrapolation in Model Explorer, faster import of data and much more.

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pSeven 6.11 Release

Brand new icons and visually updated workflow interface, new correlation matrix plot, new CAD/CAE integration options, enhanced documentation and more.

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pSeven 6.10 Release

New pSeven 6.10: FloEFD direct integration, export surrogate models to Excel, external screenshots in Page Viewer and many other improvements.

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pSeven 6.9 Service Pack 1 Release

Hotfix for pSeven 6.9 and Linux compatibility fix for pSeven Core 6.9.

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pSeven 6.9 Release

New pSeven 6.9: Excel integration, FMI export, Model explorer, and more improvements!

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pSeven 6.8 Release

New pSeven 6.8: SmartSelection for surrogate modelling, model smoothing, remote launch for Windows. Try new features now!

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