June 29, 2022

pSeven Enterprise v2022.06 Release

DATADVANCE development team announces the release of pSeven Enterprise v2022.06, a new version of our low code cloud-native collaborative platform for building, deploying and operating different models and processes at scale. It brings a lot of improvements and updates. Take a look what's new below.

Updates and Changes

Support for N-dimensional NumPy array outputs in the Python script block

  • 2-dimensional arrays are output as matrices by default, as earlier
  • Other arrays are output as nested lists by default
  • A flat (1-dimensional) array is also compatible with the matrix data type and can be converted to a single-column matrix

Improvements in the beta version of Design space exploration block

Design space exploration block provides methods for design of experiments and optimization. You can solve a variety of design space exploration tasks using design of experiments and optimization methods. Once you describe design variables and responses in block configuration, the block suggests an effective solving method, so typically there is no need to manually configure method settings.

pSeven Enterprise v2022.05. Beta Version of Design Space Exploration Block

*This beta version of the Design space exploration block may appear to be incompatible with future pSeven Enterprise updates and should be used for testing only. 
pSeven Enterprise v2022.05. Beta Version of Design Space Exploration Block


  • In the Share dialog, you can press [Enter] to add another user instead of clicking [Add user] button every time.
  • Enabled renaming block working directories in run result folders of completed workflow runs.
  • Upgraded the embedded pSeven Core package to version 6.34. For details on recent improvements and changes, see the pSeven Core changelog.

User Block Development

  • Redesigned the Edit value and View value dialogs to better support custom tables with predefined columns and other custom data types.
  • Fixed a regression issue from v2022.03 where pSeven Enterprise did not properly remove files from the block data directory (DA__P7__BLOCK_DATA_DIR) after they had been deleted by the block.
  • Updated section Block assets in the user blocks guide with more information about publishing and updating assets, and also using assets to add Python modules to blocks.

pSeven Enterprise v2022.06 also includes other changes and bugfixes — please check the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven Enterprise updates.

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