June 25, 2021

pSeven 6.23 Release

DATADVANCE development team announces the release of pSeven 6.23, a new version of our flagship platform for data analysis and optimization. Read on for more information on the release highlights.

New Features

    • Initial support for classification: pSeven can now train models with categorical outputs, which work as classifiers. A categorical output takes values from a predefined set — that is, the set of class labels (note that labels should be numeric). Values of a categorical output predicted by a model also come from this set — that is, the model predicts class membership for an input sample. To train a classification model, select categorical outputs in the Build model dialog when training a model in Analyze.


Updates and Changes


  • You can now export multiple models to a single Excel document: just select the models in the Models pane and use the Export to file… command from the pane’s menu.

Design Space Exploration Block

    • New settings for the Adaptive design technique: you can now set the number of feasible designs to generate, or the maximum number of designs to evaluate, or both. Due to this, the Number of designs setting is replaced with two new parameters: Exploration budget, which sets the design evaluation limit, and Study target, which sets the target number of feasible designs. The Study target setting is currently supported for the Adaptive design technique only. Note that Design space exploration blocks in workflows created in previous versions of pSeven are upgraded automatically but some of them may get equal Exploration budget and Study target values, which produces a warning — see the block’s Issues pane for details.


Predictive Modeling

  • Improved SmartSelection stability and performance in a few specific cases.

pSeven 6.23 includes other improvements and bugfixes — please see the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven updates.

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