April 20, 2021

pSeven 6.21 Release

DATADVANCE development team announces the release of pSeven 6.21, a new version of our flagship platform for data analysis and optimization. Read on for more information on the release highlights.

Updates and Changes


  • Added the command to quickly switch a report between results from different workflow runs.


Predictive Modeling

  • Increased performance and improved stability of the PLA training technique.
  • Added extrapolation support to models trained using the PLA technique.

Design Space Exploration Block

  • Improved the Adaptive design for GP technique to minimize the RRMS error of Gaussian processes (GP) models trained using a DoE generated by this technique.
  • Cleaned up the block run logs printed to Info. Internal messages from the optimizer are now visible only in Debug. Also, the block now reports the number of points in intermediate results to the run log.

Creo Block

  • Updated the block for compatibility with Creo and above. Note that versions and are not supported due to issues in Creo.


  • Added the ANSA block documentation.
  • Fixed several outdated screenshots and explanations in Tutorials.



  • Fixed an issue with dataset configuration in various viewers where you could not re-add a data source after deleting it from the dataset.

Predictive Modeling

  • Fixed performance issues in ApproxBuilder and other modeling blocks, caused by a bug that appeared in pSeven 6.17 and effectively disabled training in parallel mode.
  • Fixed an issue with model validation in SmartSelection, which negatively affected its performance when using holdout test data to estimate model quality.

Uncertainty Quantification Block:

  • Fixed a bug in the Reliability analysis (SORM) technique, which caused an error when the block configuration includes variables with different order of magnitude.
  • Fixed an issue with the Simulation technique, which caused an error when the block could not fit the simulated sample to some of the distributions.

Text Block:

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to configure a read operation so it converts a value to a data type that is not compatible with the variable (port) type, causing errors.

STAR-CCM+ Block:

  • Fixed an issue where the block was unable to find the STAR-CCM+ executable for versions 14 or higher.

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