March 19, 2021

pSeven 6.20 Release

DATADVANCE development team announces the release of pSeven 6.20, a new version of our flagship platform for data analysis and optimization. Read on for more information on the release highlights.

New Features: Automation & Integration

The new ANSA block (beta)

New ANSA block (beta) enables integrating ANSA models with optimization tasks into pSeven workflows. The block reads task configuration and builds a parameter tree, which includes task’s design variables, responses, histories, and model’s measurements and mass properties. You can then select parameters from the tree to map them to block’s inputs and outputs. Note that using the ANSA block requires an updated license file.

ANSA block

ANSA block

Configuration and view of ANSA block

Parallel execution support for the STAR-CCM+ block

STAR-CCM+ now supports running multiple simulations in parallel, when it is nested into a parallel Composite block. Several STAR-CCM+ blocks in the same workflow can also run in parallel according to their configuration — for details, see the Allow parallel block execution option in the block's help. This type of parallelization is possible only when the block launches STAR-CCM+ locally and is not compatible with the block’s remote execution features.

Updates and Changes


A few convenience features in Model validator:

  • You can now specify a test sample only for one or a few model outputs you validate. The tool no longer requires configuring a test sample for every output.
  • If you select some data series in the Report database pane before adding a Model validator to a report, pSeven automatically adds the selected data series to test samples.

Algorithmic core:

The pSeven Core library, embedded in pSeven, now supports calculating Shapley values for approximation models, providing compatibility with SHAP.

Uncertainty quantification block:

  • In the simulation mode, the block now properly notifies that response bounds are ignored by graying them out and adding a tooltip.

Creo block:

  • Updated the block for compatibility with Creo 6.0.

DoE block (deprecated since pSeven 6.12)

  • Removed the legacy DoE block from the block library. All supported DoE methods are available in the Design space exploration block. Read more in the changelog to avoid compatibility issues.

pSeven 6.20 also includes documentation updates and bugfixes – please see the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven updates.

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