February 4, 2019

pSeven 6.14.4 Release

DATADVANCE development team announces the release of the pSeven 6.14.4 update. The hotfix resolves a few immediate issues reported by our customers and is aimed to provide better support for running STAR-CCM+ simulations.

In 6.14.4, the STAR-CCM+ block was updated to integrate more complex simulation projects into a workflow. Namely, we improved handling of inlet boundary conditions. Previously, the block didn't change the values of velocity magnitude and total pressure before running a simulation. Now if such boundary conditions are used in the workflow, the block handles them correctly. We also investigated and resolved the issues resulting in the block's inability to build the project tree for simulations containing boundary conditions and user field functions of unsupported types.

The latest update also contains a couple more of stability fixes. Namely, we addressed a bug in the Design space exploration block due to which the Adaptive design technique and optimization techniques could crash the block in certain configurations on Windows because a memory access violation error occurred. We also fixed a few bugs in the ApproxBuilder block. For a complete list of changes, please refer to the 6.14.4 changelog.

pSeven 6.14.4 is a recommended update for users who integrate STAR-CCM+ with pSeven. This update also contains all recent enhancements introduced since pSeven 6.14. If you are planning an upgrade from a non-recent version of pSeven, it is recommended to update directly to pSeven 6.14.4, skipping the previous versions.

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