December 14, 2018

pSeven 6.14.3 Release

DATADVANCE development team announces the release of the pSeven 6.14.3 update. This release introduces a new licensing option useful for Run-Ready Workflows, adds the support for exporting approximation models to the FMI Model Exchange format, updates pSeven examples with the Design space exploration block, and contains a number of smaller improvements as well as some bug fixes.

pSeven 6.14.3 offers a new run mode, pSeven Runner with Post-Processing, which is similar to the pSeven Runner mode introduced way back in pSeven 5.2. pSeven Runner with Post-Processing provides a simplified pSeven environment intended for users who work with Run-Ready Workflows and process their results with the help of pSeven tools for interactive data analysis and visualization. Like pSeven Runner, the new mode does not require a full license: it runs with a special limited license, which is available as an add-on to the full version.

pSeven continues to develop the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) support: it can export approximation models to the FMI Co-Simulation format since version 6.9, and 6.14.3 adds the capability to export a pSeven model as a Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU) for Model Exchange. Both features support the binary and source-only FMU formats and are available in Analyze and in the Approximation model block.

Example projects which are packaged with pSeven have undergone a revision, which finally replaced the Optimizer block with the Design space exploration block, the primary optimization and design of experiments tool in pSeven since 6.14. Optimizer has become a legacy block: it is still available, although hidden from the block library by default and is not recommended to use.

This release also contains a handful of minor updates, including better support for macros in the Excel block, some stability improvements in the FloEFD, NX and FMI model blocks, as well as other changes and fixes. For full details on these, see the release changelog.

pSeven 6.14.3 is a recommended update for all users. It includes all recent improvements and fixes added since pSeven 6.14. If you are planning an upgrade from a non-recent version of pSeven, it is also recommended to skip all previous versions and fast-forward to pSeven 6.14.3.

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