November 15, 2018

pSeven 6.14.2 Release

DATADVANCE development team announces the release of the pSeven 6.14.2 update, which focuses on improving the capabilities of the STAR-CCM+ direct integration block.

pSeven now supports the on-demand licensing model offered by STAR-CCM+. The STAR-CCM+ block, first introduced in pSeven 6.14, was updated to support running STAR-CCM+ with a Power-on-Demand license. This is a special licensing option designed for pay-as-you-go usage on an unlimited number of cores, which is beneficial for cloud computing, providing burst capacity, or supporting infrequent usage scenarios. The details on how to configure the STAR-CCM+ block to use a Power-on-Demand license can be found in the block’s documentation.

Also, thanks to our customers who evaluated the STAR-CCM+ integration features, we were able to investigate an issue which could disable the block’s ability to connect to a remote STAR-CCM+ server. This issue is identified by an error message appearing when the block tries to establish the connection. pSeven 6.14.2 fixes this error in order to provide proper support of running STAR-CCM+ simulations remotely.

pSeven 6.14.2 is a recommended update for users who integrate STAR-CCM+ with pSeven. This update also contains all recent enhancements introduced since Seven 6.14. If you are planning an upgrade from a non-recent version of pSeven, it is recommended to update directly to pSeven 6.14.2, skipping the previous versions.

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