November 1, 2018

pSeven 6.14.1 Release

DATADVANCE development team announces the release of the pSeven 6.14.1 update. This release brings a few stability patches to address certain issues kindly pointed out by our customers. In addition, it updates the FloEFD block to provide initial support for integration with the upcoming new version of FloEFD.

The 6.14 release brought significant changes to the Analyze mode: it added quick navigation in the Sample viewer when working with large datasets, and introduced plot synchronization (linked selection) for Parallel coordinates, Sample viewer, and 2D plots. These features required a significant rework of data handling in Analyze, and after a period of extended testing, it has been found that the Parallel coordinates plot tool is not fully aware of the recent changes. This inconsistency led to instability when loading or editing reports with Parallel coordinates plots, sometimes resulting in a crash if large data samples were used. The problem has been investigated, and its cause is fully removed in pSeven 6.14.1. The update also contains a couple more of stability fixes related to minor issues, which you can find described in the release changelog.

The FloEFD block was updated because recent changes in FloEFD 18, which is currently in development, appeared incompatible with the block designed for FloEFD versions 17 and below. Thanks to our customers who evaluated pSeven 6.14 with FloEFD 18 Beta, we were able to reproduce the integration issues and mitigate them, so the FloEFD block in pSeven 6.14.1 is already functional with FloEFD 18. Although note that their compatibility could not be tested in full, as the final version of FloEFD 18 is not released yet.

Finally, note also that we are changing the way of numbering new versions of pSeven. Going forward, the updates based on a recently released version will be identified by a short version number (such as 6.14.1) instead of a long service pack name. While the change is cosmetic, the new numbering better reflects our approach to pSeven updates: they are not limited to patches and bugfixes but can also add features in a timely fashion.

pSeven 6.14.1 is a recommended update which contains all recent features and enhancements introduced in the initial release of pSeven 6.14, as well as the stability improvements mentioned above. If you are planning update from an earlier version of pSeven, it is also recommended to skip pSeven 6.14 and update directly to pSeven 6.14.1.

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