June 7, 2018

pSeven 6.13 Service Pack 1 Release

DATADVANCE development team announces the release of pSeven 6.13 Service Pack 1 hotfix. It resolves a few important issues found in pSeven 6.13 and contains some improvements to the approximation model builder and some documentation updates.

When training an approximation model, pSeven can now automatically apply log transformation to the output values in the training sample. Such transformation is helpful in cases when values of some outputs are exponentially distributed and can improve model accuracy. This feature is available in the ApproxBuilder block and in the Model builder tool.

Fixes in this release are related to issues in project upgrade which could corrupt projects from previous versions of pSeven when they are opened with pSeven 6.13. For full details on these issues and recommended workarounds, see the release changelog.

pSeven 6.13 Service Pack 1 is a recommended update which contains all recent improvements introduced in pSeven 6.13, as well as the additional fixes and updates mentioned above. If you have not updated from previous versions yet, it is also recommended to skip pSeven 6.13 and update to pSeven 6.13 Service Pack 1 instead.

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