August 2, 2017

pSeven 6.11 Release

DATADVANCE development team is proud to announce that pSeven 6.11, the latest version of our design space exploration platform for every expertise, is now available. Along with a massive visual overhaul, this update brings a bunch of new features, enhanced integration capabilities and other usability improvements that reflect customer feedback.

Over the last few months, we've been hard at work optimizing the workflow engine, fixing some pain points, addressing the respective 'wish list' items and making various add-ons to take our user experience one step further and make our platform even a more powerful tool for data and model analysis.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Redesigned layout with brand new icons for blocks helping users gain more insight into organizing the workflow. Our recent changes to the visual styling of pSeven contributed greatly to improving the versatility, usability and democratization of the platform.

  • We enhanced our Surrogate-Based Optimization methods with a new technique called Direct SBO, where only the output values of a surrogate model are taken into account. The proposed solution is perfect for solving the same type of noisy and expensive optimization problems but tailored for an even more restrictive computational budget.
  • Another big thing is new integration capabilities enabling the users to extract the highest value from the product. Most important updates outlined below:
    • FloEFD integration block: Added support of FloEFD for PTC Creo and FloEFD for NX. Introduced several new options to extend the block's functionality further and make it doing some common tasks faster and easier.
    • ANSYS Workbench integration block: Now capable of running user scripts before or after the simulation, for example, to force geometry update in DesignModeler or create custom images. Another handy feature is “Clear Generated Data” command that can be added before each run to avoid accumulation of unnecessary data.
    • NX integration block: This release brings official support for NX11, thus increasing the block's stability; new “timeout” option along with the opportunity to stop the block when the workflow is running both contribute to a more controllable behavior.
    • PTC Creo integration block: Improved error handling behavior to enhance stability and responsiveness. Speeded up document tree build and added the possibility to export any model from the assembly. Also, error messages became more detailed and clear. Ensured correct behavior when several versions are installed.
    • Added image export feature in SolidWorks and PTC Creo integration blocks. Now it is possible to track in real time how the model evolves during design exploration and optimization stages with the help of Page viewer.


  • pSeven 6.11 comes with some improvements in an export of models to Excel. Now we support both a 32- and 64-bit versions of Excel. Also, DLLs are assigned unique names to avoid accidental collisions when running multiple models.
  • This release also brings new features for data analysis and visualization, namely:
  • Introduced a new correlation matrix with a mechanism of input and output selection.
  • Added an option to set the distance between axes in the parallel coordinates plot.
  • Enabled tooltips for 2D plots showing all dimension values.
  • Offered more sophisticated filtering techniques (now it's possible to exclude NaNs and empty values, as well as unwanted data series from results).
  • Added the ability to copy data from Sample Viewer to the clipboard.

  • This release also contains a few usability improvements. Now the users can navigate to a particular Composite block by double-clicking its name on the Statistics pane. We also enabled a quick search for Models and Data series tables, as well as inline editing for all data columns without having to open the modal window. Besides, we implemented the search/replace functionality with hotkeys in Project description editor, Run Script dialog, PythonScript, Text and Program blocks.
  • Finally, this release brings many functional updates to user documents, including the revised Tutorials section with all-new screenshots reflecting the latest changes in UI and other improvements under the hood.

We've contributed countless hours to make this version smoother and more stable than ever. Our team continues to look for innovative ways to deliver solutions that meet your design and engineering challenges.

For a detailed list of updates, please see the release changelog. You can also contact us to receive more information and pSeven updates. We’ve got lots more to show you, so dive in!


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