January 11, 2017

pSeven 6.10 Release

DATADVANCE is pleased to announce the release of pSeven 6.10, the latest version of the design space exploration platform for every expertise. This release brings many useful updates, as well as stability improvements and bug fixes.

Major updates in pSeven 6.10 include:

  • Direct integration of FloEFD simulations into workflow:

  • Export of surrogate models to Excel, standalone executable file or a DLL:

  • Support of external screenshots from CAD/CAE or 3rd party software in Analyze tab (e.g. for optimization history visualization):

  • New examples showing Excel and FloEFD integration, workflow parallelization over a network and solving complex multi-objective robust optimization problem.

pSeven 6.10 also adds functionality to direct integration blocks for Excel, ANSYS Workbench and PTC Creo. Another notable integration update is the support for non-Unicode files added to the Text block, a general purpose integration tool.

Another nice addition is the new Text viewer in the Analyze tab, which can be used to add comments and explanations to your reports, and also supports static images and advanced HTML (CommonMark) formatting.

pSeven 6.10 also includes the latest version of pSeven Core, an algorithmic Python library, which improves stability of some approximation algorithms.

For a detailed list of updates and fixes, please see the release changelog. You can also contact us to receive more information about pSeven updates or request 30-day demo license!


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