April 23, 2015

pSeven 5.2 Release

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of pSeven 5.2, a new stable version of our data analysis and design space exploration platform.

Updates in this release include:

  • Improvements in SolidWorks and CATIA integration blocks which make it easier to configure workflows containing two or more of these blocks, including the case of parallel execution. In previous versions such workflows required manual block synchronization because the SolidWorks and CATIA applications do not allow working with multiple processes. Now the blocks are synchronized automatically in order to avoid conflicts.
  • Support for reliability analysis problems with multidimensional output.
  • Support for a new licensing mode, pSeven Runner. This mode is intended for running preconfigured workflows and does not require a full license, thus increasing flexibility of pSeven licensing options.

pSeven 5.2 also fixes a number of bugs discovered since the release of pSeven 5.1. For a complete list of changes including more details on updates and bugfixes please see the release changelog. You can also contact us to receive more information and pSeven updates!