November 6, 2014

MACROS 4.0 Release

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of MACROS 4.0, a new stable version of the MACROS library and featured plug-ins.

This release features the following major improvements:

  • New approximation technique, Multiple Fidelity Gaussian Processes (MFGP). This data fusion technique allows using an arbitrary number of training samples containing data of different fidelity.
  • Improved performance of the Surrogate Based Optimization (SBO) method thanks to using a new family of surrogate models specifically tuned for SBO.
  • Release version of the new module, Generic Tool for Sensitivity and Dependency Analysis (GTSDA). This module is now recommended for sensitivity analysis and related tasks. Note that the Generic Tool for Important Variable Extraction module (GTIVE) will become deprecated in future versions because its functionality is covered by GTSDA.

MACROS 4.0 also contains smaller improvements and a number of bugfixes. For full details you can refer to the release changelog, or contact us to receive more information and MACROS updates!