December 1, 2016

DATADVANCE receives the 1st Digital Award from UIC

Saint-Petersburg, Russia, December 2, 2016. UIC, the International Organization of Railways, awarded the winners of the first UIC Digital Award. The jury of the chairman of the UIC Digital Platform, executive members of the UIC Digital Platform and representatives from different sectors decided the winners of the IoT and Big Data contest in the three categories: Productivity, Services and Safety. DATADVANCE received the award in the Productivity category. At the Digital Conference Sergey Morozov, CEO at DATADVANCE, spoke about the increasing role of predictive maintenance and about the way DATADVANCE transfers the expertise from aerospace to railways. He explained why railways need operational predictive maintenance enabled by big data and advances in machine learning and gave real examples how pSeven Predictive Health Maintenance technologies give benefits to the railway companies.

The main challenge of the contest is to boost innovation at the service of the Railway Operating Community around the world.

“Generating new ideas through creativity and reactivity in the fields of security, productivity and services through the Internet of Things and their new algorithms, is for us a driver to invite startups to our think tanks. The results of our first contest is very promising and I wish to congratulate all participants and the three winners.” - said Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC General Director.

DATADVANCE thanks UIC for the trust and confidence in our products and services.

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