June 15, 2016

DATADVANCE presented joint projects with AREVA and IPSEN at the NAFEMS France Conference

DATADVANCE specialists presented 2 joint projects with their clients at the NAFEMS France Conference.

Joint project with AREVA - the global leader in nuclear energy and a major player in renewable energies - was devoted to sensitivity analysis of distance measurement between steam generator tubes. DATADVANCE helped AREVA on developing a method for measuring imperfections in the tube system of a steam generator. The measurements are conducted inside the steam system using magnets in one tube and a magnetic field probe in the other. In order to use such a method, one needs to calculate the sensitivity of a probe signals due to tubes imperfections. For this purpose, magnetic field simulations were replaced with a fast and precise approximation model that was used to estimate output probability distributions using uncertainty quantification based on the Monte-Carlo approach.

Joint project with IPSEN - global pharmaceutical company - was devoted to predictive data modeling of biological simulation. IPSEN aims to set up a clinical trial to inject a new drug for the first time using similar drug data available from other trials to predict what will happen with a human subject. Within the joint project, the task was to build a model by fusion of available data sources and to identify a dose of a certain drug for a human subject that will achieve 20% of the maximum possible effect. The usage of generic methodologies developed by DATADVANCE that automatically build predictive models and data fusion models showed promising results and importance of clinical tests coupled with predictive modeling for IPSEN Research & Development department.

These projects showcase how unique pSeven technologies can be applied in different industries.


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