October 7, 2016

DATADVANCE holds its first European conference

On the 30th of September DATADVANCE organized its first conference “Predictive Modeling and Optimization in the era of Digitalization” in France gathering representatives from the leading European companies like Airbus, Areva, Renault, SNCF, Andritz Hydro, Medtronic, Colas and others. Conference was aimed to provide an overview of recent breakthroughs in data analysis, surrogate modeling and design optimization in different industries (Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and others) and to exchange experience among DATADVANCE, its customers and other participants on challenges the industry is facing, like the need for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO), system level engineering, exploitation of big data, creating data models for precise decision making and democratization of simulation.

Sergey Morozov, CEO of DATADVANCE, opened the conference with presentation “Design Space Exploration in the era of Digitalization” covering the concept of Industry 4.0, Digital Twins, Democratization and other new trends in the industry. He introduced pSeven, a software product developed by DATADVANCE, and ways it can be used to build, explore and operate Digital Twins. After that Dmitry Frolov, Marketing Director at DATADVANCE, presented key technologies for design optimization, predictive modeling and data analysis implemented in pSeven.

At the customer presentation section Thierry Chevalier, Head of Engineering M&T Architecture and Integration from Airbus, presented “Modeling & Simulation strategy at Airbus” speaking about how optimization massively moves to multidisciplinary, how surrogate models allow easy co-simulation and ways of managing “model zoo” and storing big data. Following presentation “Advances in prognostics and health management” from Pavel Erofeev, Senior data scientist at Airbus Group Innovations, highlighted the emerging new instruments for predictive maintenance and the difficulties that industry needs to overcome to use them efficiently. Stephane Alestra, Head of Customer Applications at  DATADVANCE, on behalf of François CAIRE from AREVA INTERCONTROLE presented “Sensitivity analysis of measurement of distance between steam generator tubes” explaining the importance of uncertainty management in engineering applications.

After the customer presentations Sergey Morozov and Dmitry Frolov showcased several applications of pSeven in real world problems like design optimization of IGBT cooling system and industrial steam turbine, predictive health management of a gas turbine and calculation of helicopter loads. pSeven live demonstration also covered new upcoming features like export of surrogate models to FMI standard, long-waited “Model Explorer” tool for visualizing and exploring high-dimensional models and many others.

Upcoming “Model Explorer” tool in pSeven for visualizing and analyzing high-dimensional models

At the end of the conference a cross-industry round table “How key digitalization trends help industry to evolve and progress” took place. Speakers from aerospace, automotive, energy, biomedical and IT industries discussed the age of personalized products, connection between classical and best engineering approaches, importance of simulation and process data management (SPDM), extra insights in product development with advanced mathematics and many other important topics and trends in the engineering world.

Round table speakers: Philippe Gilles (GEP-INT), Frederic Turquier (Medtronic), Mark Norris (theSDMconsultancy), Tourbier Yves (Renault), Thierry Chevalier (Airbus)

DATADVANCE is proud to be the host of the conference and thanks all the attendees for participation, interesting questions and contribution into the dialogue between the industry and software developers.

For more information please contact events@datadvance.net.


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