June 25, 2015

DATADVANCE trainees visited Le Bourget

On the 15th-17th of June 2015, DATADVANCE held the training session «Data analysis and optimization with pSeven/MACROS» at AIRBUS Group Innovations, Suresnes, France. During three days attendees passed through theoretical and hands-on sessions lead by Russian and French specialists on surrogate modeling, optimization and uncertainty management, improved their skills in creating approximation models, design of experiments, local, multi-objective and global optimization, discussed real-world problems such as integration of CAD/CAE systems with tools for modeling and simulation. After the fruitful educational part DATADVANCE granted the trainees an opportunity to visit one of the most famous air shows in the world Paris Air Show Le Bourget. All attendees highly estimated capabilities of MACROS and pSeven and gave positive feedback to the trainers and presentations.

DATADVANCE specialists carry out trainings for the companies in Europe and Russia, which want to master the surrogate modeling and optimization, get familiar with the advanced data analysis and predictive modeling software to solve everyday design challenges quickly. If you are interested in training, you can submit a request or track the training schedule.


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