February 27, 2013

DATADVANCE at UIRE key annual event

On the 27th of February, 2013, a meeting of the Committee of Innovation and Technology Development of Non-commercial partnership 'Union of Industries of Railway Equipment' took place in Moscow. The conference brought together key experts in the field of engineering and development of innovative technologies, in particular, General Director of 'Engineering Center ECAR' Kireytsev Alexander, Director of Innovation of OJSC 'E4 Group' Valery Tropin, CTO of DATADVANCE Sergey Morozov, Director of the Directorate for Science and Research development of 'Transmashholding' Olivier Dzhiakomoni, Deputy Director General of CKBA Simon Dunaevsky, Deputy General Director of JSC 'Sudotehnologiya' Dmitry Avsyukevich, as well as representatives of JSC 'Russian Railways', research institutes, other Russian and foreign enterprises.

The main attention was paid to actual approaches in the field of engineering, innovative development, experience exchange in the development of technology in industries such as railway engineering, aviation, shipbuilding, automotive and machine tool industry, electrical engineering.

During the meeting, participants were also able to learn about the latest trends and innovations in various industries. Special projects have attracted the attention to 'Engineering Center ECAR', DATADVANCE and OJSC 'E4 Group'. In particular, Sergey Morozov, CTO of DATADVANCE, told about the application of MACROS - and innovative surrogate modeling and optimization technology - in the aerospace, automotive and other engineering industries. For example, he said, that thanks to MACROS technology DATADVANCE customers could significantly reduce new product development cost while improving the quality of the product being developed.

Non-commercial partnership 'Union of Industries of Railway Equipment' (NP 'UIRE') was established to coordinate the system of the industry, which is designed based on the integration of financial and intellectual resources to promote technological innovation in the rise of railway and domestic engineering in Russia.


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