August 10, 2012


Reykjavik, Iceland — DATADVANCE presented application of MACROS software toolkit to analysis and optimization of composite structures within the framework of the Third International Workshop on Surrogate Modelling and Space Mapping For Engineering Optimization (SMSMEO 2012). The results shown proved MACROS performance and demonstrated how using MACROS can speed up the design optimization process.

Evgeny Burnaev in his talk "Surrogate Modeling of Stability Constraints for Optimization of Composite Structures" presented

  • Statement of the composite structure optimization problem;
  • Overview of MACROS surrogate modeling and optimization toolkit;
  • Description of MACROS algorithms for approximation and surrogate model construction;
  • Results of extensive comparison of MACROS approximation methods with state-of-the art approximation methods;
  • Result of an aircraft structural components optimization (regarding wing, fuselage, and tail design) using the surrogate model, automatically constructed by MACROS toolkit.

An extensive comparison of state-of-the-art approximation methods with MACROS High Dimensional Approximation (MACROS HDA) technique, developed by DATADVANCE, showed that MACROS HDA performs significantly better than other methods, both conventional and designed specifically for approximation of stability constraints for composite structures.

Solving the problem of aircraft structural components optimization (regarding wing, fuselage, and tail design) is known to be a computation intensive task requiring high performance due to computational load of mechanical strength criteria calculations. Proposed effective optimization method, which uses MACROS surrogate models of optimization constraints (mechanical strength criteria), had been shown to speed up the optimization reducing computation time from several days to a few hours.

The presented results were obtained in collaborative effort between DATADVANCE, Airbus and EADS Innovation Works.


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